Awake in Grace



What We Do:

We provide support to individuals and organizations in our communities who have experienced trauma, loss, homelessness, addiction and terminal illness, through the power of meditative deep relaxation and self-inquiry. Creating conscious, sustainable change through personal facilitated Yoga Nidra Meditation practices, online resources, educational trainings, service projects and more.

The word Grace means many things to many people. We define Grace as that which is our true Self, the unmerited and infinite potential that is our birthright. The profound practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation is the key that unlocks the door to awaken from the conditioned personal, to the unconditioned higher states of consciousness, beingness and bliss. 



Why We Do It:

The whole world needs to be able to access more peace. Our intention with this project is to give what we have received. We have all been touched in some capacity with trauma, suffering and difficult life situations. Our mission is to bring the transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditation free of charge to those who are deeply vulnerable. This includes those in homeless shelters, treatment facilities, hospitals, hospice and community programs.



How We Do It:

Yoga Nidra Meditation is a sleep-based practice of meditative self-inquiry rooted in the ancient teachings of Yoga. Yoga Nidra can be used as a technique to induce deep relaxation, overcome insomnia, reduce the effects of stress, resolve trauma, and overcome addictions, anxiety, depression, fear, anger and self-limiting beliefs and patterns. 

This practice is generally done lying down in a comfortable position, although it can also be done seated if needed. In Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation and stress reduction is systematic. The facilitator guides the recipients through the layers of bodily sensations, breath awareness, recognition of thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Stress is the real epidemic we face in our society. Stress is anything that poses a change, challenge or a threat to our well-being. Some stress is natural and good for us. However, when stress begins to undermine our mental and physical health, it is no longer healthy. Stress becomes negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relief or relaxation between challenges. 

In Yoga Nidra Meditation, we are effortlessly allowing the body to return to the restorative response of the parasympathetic nervous system which returns the body to homeostasis and equanimity. Through this guided relaxation, the practitioner easily moves into slower brain waves states where the innate ability of the body to heal itself is activated. The deeply healing practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation has shown to be well received for those who are working with PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia while providing a foundation for increasing health and well-being.



Who We Are:

We are a group of passionate practitioners using the tools of self-awareness and self-inquiry to inspire and support positive healing for all people. This is our call to action; to be empowered to realize we are already Awake in Grace.

We are a 100% volunteer and donation based organization. All of our administrators and Yoga Nidra Meditation Teachers are volunteers. If you are interested in donating your expertise or support please contact us.




Sonya Thomlinson


Sonya Thomlinson (Uchita) HHC, ERYT-500, C-IAYT brings over 20 years of experience in meditation, breath practices, yoga therapy and education.Sonya was co-director and co-founder of Tandava Yoga and Trinity Yoga Centers in Kelowna and Vernon, British Columbia from 2003-2016.  An avid student of yoga and meditation since 1994, and teaching since 1998, Sonya leads trainings, retreats, workshops and classes throughout Western Canada and the US and works individually with those interested in dynamic health and healing.




Karen Rauser

Educator and Facilitator

Bio coming soon...




Katrina Hansen

Educator and Facilitator

As someone who has struggled with debilitating anxiety and panic disorder, as well as addiction, I was constantly seeking a step by step guide as to how to "do" life - preferably with charts and pictures.  I remember googling, "how do I be ok with this moment?"



Danielle Weiss

Educator and Facilitator

The Practice of Mindful Rest Yoga Nidra has had a profound effect on my life. I had spent most of my life suffering from anxiety and self-judgement. However, I had developed a very clear and strong sense of self-awareness. In my mind, I had a deep understanding of the reasons and causes of my anxiety. I also had the clarity that the beliefs and feelings, which were attached to the anxiety, were not true and certainly not serving me. They were in fact, very much, in the way of me from LIVING my life.




Terry-Lynn Hemmerling

Educator and Facilitator

Who Is She?

A woman interested (read: obsessed) in all things health: for the earth, for one another, for ourselves. Her teaching intention is to provide a space where students can journey within to meet their own peace and calm. Terry-Lynn’s personal yoga practice brought her back home to herself by helping her embrace her truth. It then provided the clarity and courage to move forward from there. She loves learning, laughing and listening. She is on fire about recovery, healthy local food, education and yoga.

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