Katrina Hansen

As someone who has struggled with debilitating anxiety and panic disorder, as well as addiction, I was constantly seeking a step by step guide as to how to "do" life - preferably with charts and pictures.  I remember googling, "how do I be ok with this moment?"

I did not want to hear the elusive suggestions "just breathe, let go", or "forgive and forget".  Those were meaningless offerings to me.  Tell me how to breathe!  I struggled with finding a full breath. In fact it hurt to breathe and it often led to more bouts of panic.

And let go?  How do I know if I let go when the same cycle keeps repeating itself?

What am I not letting go of?

Then I was introduced to the concept Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch, Allow.  And let me tell you, I was not on board.  

At least I was guided in the proper way to breathe - that was pivotal.  And relax well, I was on board for that, but FEEL.  No thank you I am outta here.  I spent a lot of time building a wall around myself so as not to feel.  I was terrified of feeling.

What changed things for me, was Yoga Nidra.  Yoga Nidra was the first practice that I could willfully "do" that offered me relief from the constant state of fight or flight that I lived in.  The beautiful thing was that all I had to "do" was lie down and listen.  It taught my mind and body how to deeply relax.  Gradually, as I continued to do Yoga Nidra, I became aware that BRFWAing is essentially Yoga Nidra, that I could practice it anytime, anywhere.  "Yoga Nidra on the go" as it were.  Since I loved Yoga Nidra and trusted in the practice I could embrace this concept of feeling.  Letting go, and letting be were now tangible rather than elusive concepts.  I no longer feared feeling.  I began to practice BRFWA every time I noticed I was in reaction, and every time it led me to right action.  Note the important element here "everytime I noticed". Noticing is crucial.  Noticing offers you the choice to change your state of being. You are powerless to change until you notice.

Finding a tool like Yoga Nidra was like the hero finding the magical elixir.  I have dove deeply into this practice and am thrilled to be able to offer Yoga Nidra's healing abilities to those who feel stuck by circumstance.