New Program: A Year of Extraordinary Living

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Living a healthy, happy life is more than just clean eating and exercise. Your mind also has a profound effect on your overall energy and well-being.

Yoga teaches that the innate wisdom of your body is always working to bring you back to a state of wholeness, of balance. As you learn to cultivate a 'listening' for the messages that your body and mind are sending you, and act on the 'right action' that is being asked of you, you will find yourself living to your highest potential. Life becomes effortlessly healthy and happy.

For many of us, stress is the real epidemic which is behind anxiety, depression and 80% of all illness. Taking a few minutes everyday is a powerful way to take back your life and bring total freedom, health and happiness in to your day-to-day. Enjoy this 10 minute guided meditation and experience how the power of stillness can take you to the innermost, deepest levels of relaxation, where your body releases healing endorphins to relieve stress.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching is about learning how to live your most authentic life.

This program is an 8 week guide to living with enhanced health and awareness. It is designed to cultivate your listening skills. To learn how to listen to the messages your body is always sending you to find that place of wholeness, of balance. The body is never wrong!

Each week we will explore a new and vital aspect of living a vibrant, happy lifestyle, including; nutrition, rest, nature, exercise, relationships, career and spirit.

As nutrition forms the foundation of this transformational program to nourish our inner and outer wellbeing, rest plays a significant role in living free of tension and stress. Using the ancient practice of yoga nidra to induce deep relaxation, calm and peace.

Relationships are the heart of a healthy community. Community is the grounding place where we share our gifts, and our purpose.

Our innate longing to feel connection to our natural world as well as a sense of meaning beyond our personal self, when we are in awe of life, and how it unfolds, we find ourselves living the life of our dreams!

Over the past 12 years, people who have experienced Lifestyle Coaching with Sonya have been amazed at how fantastic they feel and how easy it is to make 8 weeks a lifestyle. Begin your journey today!