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Yoga as Therapy ~ The General Assessment ~ Advanced Training for Teachers

  • Kelowna, BC Canada (map)

The General Assessment is a powerful tool to guide you in building awareness which will inform your practice in studio classes. As well, this information will support teachers to lead individuals to appropriate levels and styles of practice. The assessment process can include information for general health and wellness that may lead the student to private instruction, holistic wellness programs, Yoga as Therapy classes, or even other styles of practice.

The specific assessment components are as follows:

  • the major joints
  • the main muscle groups
  • core strength as both structural alignment and engagement
  • breathing
  • injuries and restrictions
  • general health
  • the seven gates of wellness
  • wheel of life

The General Assessment can be used in a one on one setting, in workshops, or in classes. You will learn how to create an Assessment process for private clients which will take 45 minute to one hour and upon completion will provide recommendations and adaptations such as specific classes that would be suitable for your clients to take, postural suggestions, reading and as well as an opportunity to re-assess in the future.

The key to the General Assessment is to build awareness and relationship.  Using the components of Assess, Adapt, and Relate we are developing an ongoing relationship to guide and assist you and your clients in your practice.  From the safety and integrity of that relationship we can build a  roadmap for the client to progress.  The value of the interaction with the teacher during the General Assessment is immeasurable and will assist the client to find and identify long held patterns of posture, shallow breathing and personal lifestyle habits or behaviors. It will shine the ‘light’ of your attention on an area you and your clients may have been missing. We then provide you with the tools and direction to move beyond the area in which you are might be stuck.

The assessment and adaptation is different from the typical yoga class experience in which a student comes to a class and has limited direct interaction with the teacher. Often the student would like more interaction, advise and assistance in developing their practice. 

In this training module you will gain an in depth understanding of the basic principles of assessment, as well as the follow through.  This module will teach you how to recommend or facilitate postures, movements, breath practices, even lifestyle suggestions and mentoring.  All this to help clients understand ‘where they are’, and the logical, safe, and enjoyable next steps.

Investment: $525 (+gst)