Terry-Lynn Hemmerling

Who Is She?

A woman interested (read: obsessed) in all things health: for the earth, for one another, for ourselves. Her teaching intention is to provide a space where students can journey within to meet their own peace and calm. Terry-Lynn’s personal yoga practice brought her back home to herself by helping her embrace her truth. It then provided the clarity and courage to move forward from there. She loves learning, laughing and listening. She is on fire about recovery, healthy local food, education and yoga. Her first yoga class gifted her with a deep sense of calm that she could not even begin to understand at the time. Caught entirely off guard by that calm, she has pursued yoga and meditation for many years since.

Who Should Take Her Classes?

Anyone interested in balancing out the frantic pace of our modern lives through this inherently healing practice… Anyone looking to restore and recharge... Anyone seeking the cultivation of stillness… Expect her classes to be accessible for all and gentle with a focus on meditation and breathing. Her teachers, Sonya and Jeff Tomlinson, have worked tirelessly to bring yoga and meditation to a world that is living in a stress response. Through them she has learned that yoga is a way of life. It is meditation through movement, in the present moment, while honouring the body, heart and soul with every breath. Come do yoga with her...