It all Leads to This...

When I posted a few days ago on Facebook that we had a big announcement to share, it wasn't to be dramatic, but rather, to prepare some of you for what might be felt as unexpected.

This entire past year has been dramatic and yet, not altogether unexpected. We often share in our Yoga Teacher Trainings that we did not have intentions of opening a yoga studio when we were living at Kripalu Center, planning our move west. We envisioned a retreat center, a sort of Kripalu West. But the unexpected and untimely death of my father, here in Kelowna, had us reacting, moving here perhaps before we were ready. Even so, in the summer of 2003, Trinity Yoga Center was born.

The community that has grown from our humble beginnings, from Trinity to Tandava, inspires me greatly. We receive messages often from former students, especially those who have graduated from our transformational trainings, appreciating the wisdom of the teachings, passed down from generations of deep practitioners, through us, to them.

This path of awareness we teach is not easy to follow. It is not for everyone, certainly not the average practitioner. To walk this path, as Swami Kripalu said, you must have patience, courage, discipline and enthusiasm. This is the true Hero's Journey, where as Joseph Campbell said, "We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, in order to have the life that is waiting for us." We must be willing to face our demons, not to fight them, but to surrender to them.

It is this community that we wanted to protect, to continue to nurture itself, when we chose in November 2015 to not close the studio doors when we were no longer able to sustain the financial burden, but instead, to give all that we had built over the past 12 years, back to this same community. It was not an easy nor smooth transition, yet it was right action. 

A powerful force was propelling us forward, whether we were ready for it or not. One might say we were forced into surrendering the business, then our house, the life we had built, but as Yogi's, we knew that there was something bigger waiting for us. This past year has been rich with anticipation, doubt, shame, relief and building excitement. My practice and truly my intention has been to soften my natural tendency towards impatience, and to ride these sometimes tsunami waves with integrity and Grace. 

Back in the early spring of 2015, in a seemingly random conversation, Harshad and I spoke these words to each other: "Wouldn't it be great if we could take a year sabbatical in Florida and be close to both Gurudev (Yogi Amrit Desai) and Mickey Singer." At the time it sounded like an impossible dream. We were chin deep in a business we were working so hard to maintain and a house we could not sell. Last December I remembered these words and wondered if I was subconsciously manifesting it.

Waiting, simplifying, surrendering...again and again, over and over.

By late summer, I felt I had turned the corner, my energy stronger (an understatement to be sure! More on that in a later blog post), ready to walk through the door that I intuitively knew was about to open. In August I flew to Florida, to be as always, graciously received by the loving community of Amrit Yoga Institute and my Beloved Gurudeva. The week proved pivotal, for my sadhana, and our future. 

An opportunity was presented. A home, a supportive community, jobs, and perhaps for me most especially, the chance to be in close relationship with a true Master to guide me in revealing the mysteries of the awakened Shakti within me.

And so my friends, we have answered the call to adventure, to begin a new Hero's Journey. We have long prepared for this, patiently and sometimes impatiently waiting to cross the threshold into the next transformation.

We are now in the process of completing the trainings that began in the fall as we anticipate early March as our departure. Although at this time we do not know where this road will ultimately lead us, we will always be here with you in spirit, in sangha, and you with us.

I am grateful for the thousands of practitioners who walked through our studio doors, for the over 500 teachers graduated, and all whose presence touched, moved and inspired me to dig deep into the well of my being these past 13 years.

May you also have Blessings on your journey.

With Love, Uchita