Yoga Teacher Training


"My heart fills with immense gratitude and compassion when I think about my YTT with Jeff and Sonya of Tandava Yoga. My teacher training days were filled with laughter, joy, tears and an understanding about myself. This journey was unlike any other and each moment was fulfilling. I cannot say I preferred one part of the training over another because there was a rich learning experience associated with every component. I had an opportunity to meet some other lovely ladies and connect with like minded people. It was an honor to learn from teachers like Jeff and Sonya who are so genuine, passionate about what they do and have a wealth of information and experience. I am proud to be part of the Kripalu lineage and I know I will be back for more someday." Aditi Jasra, Calgary AB


"Taking Jeff and Sonya's 300 Hr yoga teacher training was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The teachings not only provided me with the tools to choose yoga as a career, but also gave me the skills to better communicate with my loved ones, make healthy choices off my mat, develop a solid home practice, and connect on a deep level with a group of peers.  The depth of the program is profound and masterful; each day is artfully organized so as to support and stimulate transformation.  I came into the training looking to deepen my practice and came out with so much more. "  Laura Martini, Kelowna BC



"It is hard to put into words the power of the journey I have taken with Jeff and Sonya. They set me on a road to reclaim my life, and have transformed it through guidance lead with genuine love. I used to live in physical pain which limited what I was able to do. Through the program I improved my body awareness and alignment and have healed physically. It is a joy to be able to freely cycle and dance again! To really be free I needed to change my perceptions about life. This program taught me the tools to deal with physical and emotional pain and fear. Now I feel I have the courage to follow my passions. The beautiful thing is that this program didn't just improve my life, it touched the lives of my children, the children I teach, and the people I come into contact with." Rina Simonicioni, Kelowna BC


"The experience of learning from Sonya and Jeff was life-changing for me. I have gained a more spiritual outlook on life that will carry over into so many aspects of who I am." Cassie, Kelowna BC


"This program went beyond what I was expecting. It included history, anatomy, chakras, postures, breathing, and many other tools that really support a healthy lifestyle on and off the yoga mat. This truly is life-changing. Sonya and Jeff are such amazing teachers!" Stacey, Morinville AB


"This was an absolutely amazing experience. Sonya and Jeff's passion comes through in what they teach and how they interact with their students. Lots of laughs, tears, and learning have been experienced here! I feel confident in saying I chose the right YTT." Laura, Prince George BC


"I took both the 200hr and 300hr (500hr total) programs and they both greatly exceeded my expectations. My life has been transformed by the teachings over the past year through both programs. Understanding the mind and how to “ride the waves” of life without wishing them to be different or to be gone has been hugely transformative. I have developed my own asana practice and meditation practice. The way I approach the stressful stuff of life as a result of this training is completely different in the most positive way. I feel calm even in the midst of the storms. When storms do come, I have many tools in my toolbox to handle things in a way that not only minimizes stress but actually enhances my experience of life. Harshad & Uchita are both excellent – I have full confidence that they not only have the “book smarts” but that they have also both experienced first hand everything they share with their students. As a result of my participation in what they offer, my life has been transformed in ways I would have never dreamed possible. For that, I am eternally grateful and honoured to pass along to other fellow travelers what I have learned from them… Blessings to both."  Terry-Lynn, Kelowna BC


"Working with Uchita is like taking a long, grounded walk on an ancient nature trail. A strong guide with an open heart and a depth of knowledge uncommon in our modern yoga world, Uchita has a way of delivering the teachings straight to your heart." Danielle Bertoia, Merritt BC


Lifestyle Mentoring

"As a Lifestyle Mentor Sonya is always amazing. A wealth of knowledge and very caring, while creating space for you to do the work yourself. Beautiful inside and out." Karen, Kelowna BC

"This program was very eye opening and something that I will use for the rest of my life. The material made me more aware of myself and the food I put in my body. Sonya really knows her stuff! She is very knowledgeable. I felt taken care of and like she was genuinely concerned about how we were doing in the program! I definitely recommend taking this." Kendra, Kelowna, BC

"Transformation comes about in as many different forms as there are people in this world. I definitely feel that this program is a catalyst for my personal transformation. Incorporating any one of the suggestions or guided exercises offered in the program into your life will facilitate the type of change so many of us are looking for. There is no one right way to go about it, but with so many tangible offerings throughout the program, you will be sure to find that little gem that resonates with you." Katrina, Winfield BC

Yoga Nidra


"The Yoga Nidra Training was so much more than I expected. I am excited to share the amazing experience but the personal journey was, and will continue to be, life changing. I immediately knew Sonya would be an amazing teacher because of her passion. Such a wise and old soul!' Julie M, Edmonton AB


"My life has forever been changed through this training. I can confidently say that from this day forward, I will forever be striving to view the world from witness, from Self, acting from a place of Love and pure Light. Thank you for sharing a gift with me that will forever change my path." Jenn DC, Kelowna BC


"I feel like a door has opened to a different and exciting new world! Sonya's passion and knowledge of yoga and yoga nidra is so evident. This was an amazing personal journey." Wendy R, White Rock BC


"The training was transformative. Sonya has such a wonderful balance of deep, passionate, profound insight and a 'no b.s.' approach; so authentic in everything she shared." Angela H, White Rock BC


"I loved the Yoga Nidra workshop and the presentation was very professional. For me, it was a reminder of what stress does and you gave me a new tool to restore my state of balance. I slept deeper than I have for a long long time that night after the workshop. Thank you!”Linda R, Kelowna BC


"This was my first Yoga Nidra experience. I would most definitely recommend this workshop! I think I've told every one of my friends that I've talked to since how amazing it was. I felt so different at the end of the workshop. Sonya mentioned that what she led us through was comparable to the deep sleep we often miss out on because of high stress levels and this is where the body heals itself. Somehow I felt as though that is what took place in me - a healing of some kind. Hard to describe but it was an amazing feeling. This week when I start to feel anxious, I go back to the techniques Sonya taught us and I find I can relax. I appreciated learning the different breathing techniques to help with relaxation and feeling good. It was all so very interesting and informative." Phyllis L, Kelowna BC


"Thank you, Jeff and Sonya, for a powerful retreat.  It was life changing for me.  I recently " retired" and felt disoriented and fearful.  The program focused on exploring our inner life, creating an intention with love and truth, and sharing it with other yoga members in a safe, peaceful, natural setting.  I felt restored and cared for, as Sonya and Jeff led us through yoga nidra, gentle and core classes.  The delicious food (thank you Sonya for all my special meals!), the conversations, the chanting, the dancing, and the art all contributed to a memorable, fulfilling weekend.  I felt grounded as we held classes outdoors, feeling the earth beneath us and breathing with the trees above us.  I felt  free as I kayaked and swam in clear waters under the blue, sunny sky.  I felt enlightened, energized, focused and connected after this miraculous retreat." Anita, Kelowna BC